Repairs & Service:

Sometimes water heaters get cranky and out of the blue start to do strange things. When your water heater gives you the cold shoulder (probably in the shower) or starts acting like a drip (like all over your floor), we can come out and provide it with some much-needed therapy.  BENLA will help you assess if your water heater can be saved or if it’s a goner and a new replacement with a better attitude is really needed.

Water Heater Replacement: 

When your water heater really has kicked the bucket, we can install a new one for you. Our service at BENLA includes the removal disposal of your cranky old water heater, installation of your new and more friendly water heater (gas or electric), and all connections required to assure your system operates properly from day one.

Earthquake Straps:

When your walls start shaking and the earth is quaking, you want to be sure your water heater stays stable and does not fall over. Water is very heavy and it can be a bad scene in an earthquake if your water heater is not secure. BENLA can assure your water heater is safe and sound by installing an earthquake strap.  Also, most cities now require earthquake straps, so we can help you stay out of trouble with the Man.

Pressure Expansion Tanks: 

You water heater in a bad mood? Could be its feeling too much pressure. Fact is, they sometimes just get stressed out! Can you relate? So, here’s what is happening: the basic idea is that water expands when heated. This increased volume causes pressure that can back-up and this can stress out and even damage your water heater and fixtures.  At BENLA we can install an expansion tank that will address the pressure build up and chill out your water heater (a relaxed water heater is a happy water heater!).


News Flash! Sometimes things break or wear out.  We get it.  We stand behind our work and the water heaters we sell. We will only provide you with brands we would install in our own Mom’s house.  No kidding.  In addition to that we offer six (6) and ten (10) year warranty options on the water heaters we install. We warranty our labor for One (1) year (because we know what we are doing folks)

Property Management Programs: 

Need 10, 20, 30 or more happy water heaters for your managed property?  We have been a leader in supporting apartment, condo and multi-tenant properties for over 70 years.  BENLA can build a program for you that takes the guesswork out of dealing with dozens or even hundreds of water heater installations.  Clue us in on how big your challenge is and we will come right over and help you manage it.