Hot water is all we think about.

Take a cold shower this morning?  Not good.  Call BENLA Water Heaters!

Trusted since 1947! BENLA Water Heaters has a 70-year tradition of assuring families and businesses have HOT WATER in Seattle, the Eastside, Everett, Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound Region.

We get it! Most of us take hot water for granted and seldom think about it. We just turn on the tap and magically out it comes. Right? Then, one day, we wake up to that cold shower and the world gets very small and challenging. Such a drag…

We feel your pain! Having hot water is essential. We want it, we need it, and right away. Reality is, most folks will not replace or repair a water heater themselves. Would you? At BENLA Water Heaters, we know how bad that cold shower can be and we make every effort to get your hot water working again fast! We have seen it all! However cranky your old water heater is acting, we have dealt with more than 150,000 upset, irritated, or even deceased (yes dead) water heaters in our time. We can handle it.  BENLA technicians are experienced with gas and electric water heaters in all sorts of installation situations. We will get to your place quickly and get the job done right the first time.

“Bennie”, our iconic mascot, appears on our logo with a broken leg and crutches. Our friend has some issues and he leaks water all over the place. Bennie needs some serious help, and fast! We know his kind well. Bennie is our inspiration to help you either fix up the water heater you have or replace it quickly, safely, and with a sense of humor!