HOT WATER! It’s all we thinK about.


Trusted since 1947

BENLA has a 70-year tradition of assuring families and businesses have HOT WATER in Seattle, the Eastside, Everett, Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound Region.

BENLA has been family owned since cab drivers Tony and Pete Benvenuti partnered up with John LaRussa to repair water heaters to help feed their families just after World War II. This legacy of family operators continues today.  BENLA Owners, Dave Purdy and Matt Lester are cousins. We grew up around here – together. We use the bond we developed as kids, every day, in operating BENLA Water Heaters, Inc. At BENLA, we have fun, work hard and take care of our customers in the Puget Sound region, no matter what it takes.

“Bennie”, our iconic mascot, appears on our logo with a broken leg and crutches. Our friend has some issues and he leaks water all over the place. Bennie needs some serious help, and fast! We know his kind well. Bennie is our inspiration to help you either fix up the water heater you have or replace it quickly, safely, and with a sense of humor!

Today, we are continuing the legacy started by the Benvenuti and Larussa families in 1947.  Our team of employees has been servicing and installing water heaters for years and years. We intend to continue that track record of quality and success for many years to come.  You can count on us to get you HOT WATER, this year, or in 10 years. We will be here to serve you!